Webinar with Jane Mark & Phil Basten


Marketing is a little like making a stew...

* You need the right ingredients.
* You need to add the right spices in the right proportion and...
* Most of all you need to have realistic expectations.

So let's take a look at 3 of the more popular types of marketing - Lists, Social Media, and Automated Systems, and see if we can blend them into a tasty meal.

Lists and how to use them...

When I sent out the notice for this webinar I ended the notice in a certain way.

Here is what my PS said...

PS: Join these sites before the webinar so you will be familiar with what we will talk about and some of the terms we use.


All of these sites can be joined for free.

Grow that list...

No matter what you are promoting and whatever tool you are using, your primary goal should be to get the reader on your list.


In the marketing world, the value of a list is calculated as follows.

On average each list member is worth 1.00 per member per month.

So if you have a list of 5000, you can expect to make an average of $5,000 per month. 10,000 members should give you $10,000 per month and so on.

If you are using solo ad mailers to promote a site, do not promote a site directly or only promote that site if it has a list you can reach.

If you promote a website directly you have one chance to make a sale and your dollar spend is gone. If you promote a capture page or website that has a way to capture the email address of your visitors and you have access to them, you have 5-20 times to tell your story and close the sale.

Example. If you promote Sokule, you are building a list that you can reach by email. Same thing with Yakamore.

But if you are mailing to an excellent list like List Joe, you would want to send your readers to a capture page that leads to an auto-responder like Aweber or Getresponse or a list building site like Sokule or Yakamore and then you get to email them over and over again about your actual offer.

To be truly successful gear ALL of your marketing towards increasing your list.

Social Media Marketing and how to use it...

Tread gently, soft sell. Sell yourself not a product. Sell your experience. Sell your knowledge.

People do not spend time on social media sites to read ads. They are looking for a way to connect with others, chat about their lives, and feel like they are part of a broader family.

Example of a bad Social Media Post...

I just found a great site where you can pocket oodles of money daily. http://dailyoodles.com

Example of a better post...

I am an experienced marketer. I make money online everyday. If you would like my help for free, please join my group discussions on Making Money Online at -  http://kulespace.com

Example of a good post...

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise, a delicious hot coffee, a purring cat called Winnie the Pooh, and notifications of sales I made while I was asleep in my inbox. If you'd like to know what I do and how I do it mosey on over to my secret sauce marketing group and join us. My advice is free and i promise not to bite. - http://secretsaucemarketinggroup.com

Every day I watch the posts at Yakamore and frankly most of them are junk. You will not get anywhere with Social media posts if you keep posting ads or junk. People will not read or respond to them and they will block you. If you are mailing to them, they will delete the email and pay no attention in the future.

People go to social media sites to connect with others, not read ads. Make those connections first and then you can share what you do later.

Yakamore is a good place to practice your posts before you shoot them out to 86 social media sites over at Sokule.

Automating Your Marketing...

You should automate as much of your marketing as you can.


It leaves you time to compose good ads, write articles or, think about the next steps in your business.

Lets look at the 1-Click Marketing Machine.

Many of our customers are promoting their affiliate link for World Light Funding.

That may give you a modest result. If you were to write an article on World Light Funding and use the unique link for that article in 1-Click, or KulePing, you may find that you will get much better results. You can change the content of that article in small ways and continuously generate new content.



You can do this at Sokule too...


So if you are using submitters of any kind try to use something you can change and add content to. That is what the search engines are looking for. Give it to them.

Notice the unique URLs that are generated when you write articles. You can use these in your submissions to get a better response.

If you can't write articles to save you life you can get them done cheaply at... http://fiverr.com

So if you are using 1-Click or Kuleping, programs designed to automate part of your marketing just keep in mind - they are not a substitute for list building, email and article marketing.

Set Realistic Expectations...

How long does it take to build a list?

Ask Steph he is taking a year long challenge to build a list of 5000 and make $5000 per month.

What kind of results will I get from Social Media Advertising?

If you post things that are interesting, informative, entertaining, and you include a link so your readers can join your list, you can increase your results dramatically. If you post junk, you will get almost nothing. As they say garbage in, garbage out.


If you could automate everything in life you could just sit on your tush and do nothing.

Hate to burst your fantasy bubble but that is not the way life works.

Sites like 1-Click and KulePing are designed to give your sites a boost. They can result in high quality traffic but the sales and signups are still up to you. You can have the best quality traffic in the world but if the site you are promoting doesn't match your titles, descriptions and keywords you aren't going to make sales. When they visit your website people expect to find what they see in your promotions.

Free is a 4 letter word...

You cannot make money online if the only thing you do is to join sites free, enter a few ads which no one reads and call it a day.

As we say in New York... Forget about it.

You are wasting your time.

Of course, if you have an abundance of time on your hands you are more than welcome to do that. For most of us there aren't enough hours in a day.

Do not be afraid to upgrade your accounts.

If you want to eat well you have to pay for the meal. No such thing as a free lunch.

First, grow a list and focus on building that list like a laser. It can be an auto-responder like Aweber or Getresponse. It can be a site that grows a list for you like Sokule.

Take a paper and pencil and decide how much you can spend on advertising each month and start buying it. In the advertising industry the average spend for a business is 10% of annual revenue.

* Your first choice should be contact mailers.
* Social Media sites that pay you should come next.
* Automation should come next.

Instead of just buying traffic, set it up so you get some each month forever.

Always, always maximize your commissions before you promote any site.

Take the highest membership you can possibly afford at a site. You are putting in the time and the money to promote, make sure you are earning the highest commission possible.

When you are a free member of a site, chances are you may earn 10-15% per cent on commissions. That is hardly worth the effort of promoting the site. If you really like the site and want to promote, upgrade to the highest level you can manage, earn at least 30% commissions and tell others what you like about the site.

Marketing is not brain surgery. Most of it is simply common sense.



Contact Lists...

List Joe  - http://listjoe.com/
Schnaap - Http://schnaap.com
All Your Lists in One Place - http://allyourlistsinoneplace.com

Auto-responders to grow your list...

Aweber - http://www.aweber.com/
Get Response - http://getresponse.com

Social Media...

Use Fiverr to increase your fans and friends and help you market more effectively - Uncover the best Fiverr Gigs easily - http://fiverr.com

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