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Jane Mark & Phil Basten

* You can take away my lists.
* You can take away all of my traffic sources
* You can take away my house, my car, my dog...

And I will get them all back using Sokule.

In order to understand how you can do this, let's see how much you know about Sokule.

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What are the 4 main features of Sokule?

Name any one of them or all of them...

1) Posting to 80 plus social media sites and targeted blogs.

2) Having a list auto built for you and emailing that list every 3 days.

3)Posting to 1.4 million people instantly and daily.

4) Getting paid every Friday.

Click on the advertise icon and go to promotion Tools

So the reason you can take away my lists and my traffic sources is because I have
everything I need to make money on line at Sokule when I use all of its powerful applications.

You can do exactly the same thing I do.

So, let's go over these applications so I can show you what I do each day.

Social Media Posting Demo...

* 3 posting places.

* Post Message short box.

* Sokwall long postings with unique link.

* Demo of KuleWall watch your language :)


* Sokens build your lists for you automatically.

* You can email that list every 3 days.

Get paid... Low and high ticket items.

Note:The most effective way to get sign up results at Sokule is to use our new
Capture pages.

Bottom Line:

You could take away every other marketing vehicle that I use and just leave me with
Sokule and I would get right back into making sales.

All I need is a computer, a cup of coffee and I am back in business.

Webinar BONUS
The One - Two Punch.

If you wish to take full advantage of the power of Sokule and do what I do every day, you need to become a silver member or higher.

So tonight, because you are on this webinar, you can grab an annual SILVER membership at the $197.00 discounted price if you use this special paylink. The price is $297.00 if you upgrade through the member's area.

  1. I will start you off with a list of 500 followers just for upgrading now. These are followers you can start emailing every 3 days. These are targeted followers tagged to your area of interest that you chose when you signed up at Sokule. (value $497.00).

  2. Plus I will give you a massive 7.5 million sokens (credits) in your account so Sokule can start auto building a list of followers for you. This can grow into 100's and thousands more followers all on auto-pilot. (value $9,525.00)
And all you will pay if you act today is
$197.00 per year.

This is a bargain you cannot afford to miss and I won't be making this offer again any time soon.

But WAIT! I'm not done yet!

There's more...

Upgrade tonight and I will...

  • Add your Sokule affiliate link to my Kuleping account and auto promote it for you absolutely free for as long as you remain a Silver member of Sokule.

If you are not a member of Sokule yet...
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If you are already a silver member of Sokule or higher,
here's a NO COST special just for you.

Write a review of Sokule, (what you like about Sokule, what you would like to see in Sokule), using the Sokwall application and then send us your unique Sokwall link for that review and I will add your unique url into our special kuleping account and promote it automatically for you free.

Be sure to include your sokule affiliate link in your review.

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