Sokule and PFFA Get Married
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Today we are going to do a complete walk though of the new Sokule.

Many things have changed since we first launched Sokule but the inner workings and the power remains the same.

Today I am going to show where the most important elements are at the site and where you should concentrate your efforts

Before we start I want to get your mind focused so let's begin with a couple of questions to get your mind percolating.

Q1 - Who knows the year that Sokule first launched and what was it's tag line when it launched?

A1 - 2009, like Twitter but monetized.

Q2 - How large has Sokule grown since 2009?

Sokule has over 105,000 active members.

3)  What is one thing that Sokule has that no other social media site has?  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram don't have it, nor do any of the others.

A Theme Song.

You can listen to the theme on the bottom left of my postit page and you can download it in the area that says Money Tools.

Bottom line: There are a lot of people who love Sokule and now I am
going to show you why.

Let's take a look at the main Sales site.

There are 4 main ingredients that power Sokule.

1. List Building - Sokule auto builds a list for you.

2. Email Marketing - You can email that list daily depending on your membership level.

3. You can post to 1.4 million people up to 5 times a day.

4. You can earn up to 50% commission on every sale and that means you can earn up to $748.50 per sale.

So let's log in and take a look around...
Let's start with the settings
Sokule has 3 affiliate links
Lets talk Sokens. You'll see them top left.
Short Posting box - messages up to 500 characters for paid members -240 characters for free members.

Post special links to 1.4 Million users via KuleWall - (Pronounced Cool Wall)

Post article length ads or articles on Sokwall.

This is an article - a long one that I posted on Sokwall.

Here is the kind of posts I make on Kulewall.

Making Money Online is Just a Walk in The Park.

This easy wealth creation system is
like taking a walk in the park.

Anyone can use it. No Experience necessary

Read More Here:
You can see how many people you can email And you can email daily

Your Email needs to be short. It is 500 characters.

I call this this the Think Big - Talk Short Promo Method

Here is an example.

Answer 3 Simple Questions - Make UNLIMITED Money Online.

If you can answer 3 simple questions, I can show
you how and where to make unlimited money online.

All you need to do is to open up the link below
Answer 3 simple one word questions and

I will put 70,000 Free Advertising credits
into your account today. (Value 350.00)

We make it easy for you to Get To Yes.

Have fun.

Go get um

Sometimes short concise messages get the best results.
Depending on your membership level you can earn up to $748.50 per sale at Sokule so make sure you start promoting the site.

You can see what each membership level earns on the upgrade page in the members area.
Sokens auto build your list at Sokule.

Read the Sokens section in  the member area to see how to auto build your list using Sokens. There  is also a full training tape on Sokens.
I love this Blog.

Not only does it generate links for you that you can use all over the net but you can use it on Kulewall.

Here is what my main blog looks like...

Here is what one of the articles that I posted on it looks like...

Here's how to get your Blog Up.

Go to Settings and then to The box that says Blog Settings and follow the simple instructions there.
The marriage of SOKULE and PFFA.

Why did Sokule and Profit From Free Ads (PFFA) get married last week, and what do they have in common?

This is really Kule (pronounced cool).

First I want you to look at my Blog link again

The text and banner ads running down the right hand side of the page are coming from the text and banner ads that are running over at PFFA and that is really neat.

If you are an ad pack member of PFFA at level 4 or higher, we are drawing on your ads from PFFA and displaying them at Sokule.

I just love this idea it gives our upgraded PFFA members more and more exposure.

At Sokule you can put a PFFA banner and your link up on your postit page.

Go to Founder Tools and you will see a link that says says Add Affiliate ids.

If you are an upgraded member, you can add affiliate ids to your Sokule account and they will show up on your postit page like this.

At PFFA in the cash funnel you can add your new Sokule ID.

The PFFA Blog can be used as one of the links you can post on KuleWall.

If you play these sites back and forth in your promotions, you are offering your list and contacts 2 very powerful sites.

One can get you sales of up to $748.50 and the other can get you sales of up to 584.50 and those are some very nice numbers.
Webinar Bonus
Last day to pick up big savings on the Sokule Founder upgrade.

Check out the benefits of the Founder membership.
  • You get a list of up to 3000 targeted members instantly (value $2,982.00).

  • You can email that list every day.

  • You  get 25 million Sokens to grow your list on auto pilot (value  31,750.00). These Sokens will grow to your list to hundreds and then  thousands more.

  • You can earn up to $748.50 per sale. We pay commission every Friday. No more waiting to get paid.
Plus, when you purchase today you save $700.00!
Regular price for the Founder membership is $1497.00

...but, if you act now, you can secure your Founder account for only $797.00
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